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You may have noticed that I like vore and other assorted swallowings and stuff. However, there are some things I should say real quick for people making requests/suggestions and etc:

Oral vore only
No 'exotic' vore (Soul, AV, CV, etc)
No 'Full Tours' as some people call it. Prey goes no further than the stomach.
No death - even for generic prey or your characters. This rule is absolute and there are no exceptions.
Digestion I'll only include if you request it.
No humans - pred or prey
My characters are off-limits as prey unless I offer them myself.
Soft vore only
No nudity (I don't care what your reasons are, I'm not drawing male/female 'parts'.)

Do you think a plush toy of this hydra would be the most adorable thing ever? 

37 deviants said It might be... Depending on how it is crafted!
21 deviants said Only if it has a pouch in the necks to hold stuff!
5 deviants said Of... That hydra? Nuuu it's terrifying, not cute!
3 deviants said I'm not really into plush toys, even of awesome hydras!
Note: This is mostly a clarification journal, since many people seem to have misinterpreted what I meant by some of the choices in my recent poll.

For quite some time I've had people commenting on my wyvern and his tendency to end up inside the bellies of others, and very rarely managing to swallow someone else. People had asked me if he'd ever be a predator, and I kept saying he'd never be one. However, I am somewhat curious as to how many really think he should be a predator or if he should stick to what he knows best (Being tasty)

So here it is.

Yes, he should rise to being a successful predator! (100) [_]

As long as he still gets to be prey still sometimes! (50) [_]

No, he should always remain a tasty snack-dragon! (0) [_]

Some clarification on what I mean by these options.

1. Very few of my voredom characters are true apex preds*. Even the mighty Akaikosh has been eaten a few times. My characters nor I are not "arrogant preds", the type that insist they're never prey because they can't stand the thought of losing. I lean towards more realistic vore scenarios, so a house-cat sized animal swallowing a T.rex sized animal easily and swiftly is not my way of doing things in most cases.

So my T.rex will remain largely predatory, Akaikosh herself will remain an apex pred, and so on. What Option #1 means is that he'll be very predatory but still be eaten - like if he drops his guard or something bigger or just more successful than he catches him.

2. Pretty much as most of my characters are currently. They eat and are eaten on a whim.

3. Essentially no change. For every ten or fifteen drawings of him being eaten, he gets to flip two coins. If both are heads, he *might* be able to get a drawing of him being a pred. (He's got like, 45 pics currently and only three are him eating someone else!)

*Akaikosh is very close to an apex pred. She does sometimes get eaten, but only if *I* offer her. In-universe she's 110% pred.
My Hydra is off-limits in all cases, and my Kitsune form is not meant to be used in vore ever - pred or prey. Only exception was for a close friend's birthday in a RP we had.

Thoughts, concerns, questions?

Previous journal: Character Spotlight - Jiri
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VoraciousPanda 2 days ago  Student General Artist
WOAH Thank you SOOOOO much for the premium membership! :iconsqueeeplz: You don't know how much I've been wishing I could get one! :icongianthugplz: I really appreciate it. <3
RaeThalis 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist

It was gonna be a 1yr Prem for both you and Badger, but then I realized that I was saving for something so had to limit it to just a 3-month ^^;
VoraciousPanda 1 day ago  Student General Artist
We're both so grateful for any premium at all! :icongianthugplz: 
RaeThalis 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I'm actually a lil surprised no one gave you one sooner - with your cute art and friendly disposition :>
(1 Reply)
RaeThalis 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i thought you did. i was hoping to meet a couple of your ocs and i didnt know you didnt rp.
RaeThalis 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's easier for me to say No  since I very very very very rarely do so, and only with friends of mine - not just anyone who comes up and asks.
(1 Reply)
ShadrelPendragon 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD thanks for the premium
RaeThalis 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought I had lost you and you're beautiful work when you left! (although I don't really know what happened)
RaeThalis Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'z back now though :dummy:
Ima very glad that chu are!!
DanteSmilodon Apr 7, 2014   General Artist
That disabled account thing was only temporal, happy to learn :)
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